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Meet the dan experts – conferences in 2018

dan Dates 2018

In 2018, the dan pearlman Group and our experts will participate at many different trade fairs, congresses & events all over the word. The speeches of our colleagues provide insights into current trends and developments as well as into the group’s activities such as new projects and concepts. Don’t miss the chance to meet them at one of our dan Dates!


18.01.2018 EK Unternehmerkongress in Bielefeld
Speech by Karen Klessinger about Erlebnis im Handel


28.-02.03.2018 URBAN FUTURE global conference in Wien
Speech and discussion with Karen Klessinger on March 01

06.03.2018 #NWX18 XING New Work Experience in Hamburg
DNA “Slow Dates” with Nicole Srock.Stanley, Nicole Gietz-Haslinger und Karen Klessinger

09.-11.03.2018 Berlin Travel Festival in Berlin
Speech by Nicole Srock.Stanley as part of the topic Shop-Shift – A Trend Lab for Creative Minds on March 09

13.-16.03.2018 MIPIM in Cannes
Panel discussion with Nicole Srock.Stanley and Linda Hepner, Mayor of the city Surrey, about City as a service, the new urban experience on March 15


09.04.2018 Young Network Fachtreffen of the EK Servicegroup in Düsseldorf
Speech by Volker Katschinski about Erlebnis im Handel

11.04.2018 30th Handelsforum in Bielefeld
Speech by Volker Katschinski about Erfolgsformel für den Handel: Mehr Erlebnis, bitte!

26.04.2018 20. Retail Symposium in Wien
Speech by Karen Klessinger about Co-Creating the City


02.-03.05.2018 TEA SATE Europe 2018 in Rust
Speech by Nicole Srock.Stanley about The evolution of shopping centers


06.06.2018 Berliner Marketing Tag 2018 in Berlin
Panel discussion with Nicole Srock.Stanley about Virtual Reality


04.07.2018 Panorama Retail Solutions, Fashion Week Berlin
Keynote Die Zukunft des Retail: auf der Reise vom POS zum POX by Nicole Srock.Stanley 

04.07.2018 Tourismusforum 2018 in Münster
Speech by Kieran Stanley about Storybuilding – Emotionen schaffen Gäste 


14.09.2018 ADC Design Experience in Stuttgart
Speech and workshop by Nicole Gietz-Haslinger about Creative Environments

14.09.2018 blooloopLIVE UK in London
Speech by Nicole Srock.Stanley about “Evolution of Experiential Shopping”

18.09.2018 EHI Retail Design Conference in Köln
Speech by Volker Katschinski about “Fahrrad.de – Online goes Offline”

19.09.2018 ECE Leasing Conference in Hamburg 
Speech by Karen Klessinger about How to transform traditional malls into happy places by urban mixed use concepts


17.10.2018 DNA Smart Living Room in Vienna
DNA Sprechstunde with Nicole Srock.Stanley about “Memorable Experiences. Retail und Freizeit der Zukunft”

23.10.2018 SIGNA THE ICON VIENNA in Vienna
Panel discussion with Nicole Srock.Stanley about “Zukunft Arbeitswelten”

25.10.2018 ICONIC CONFERENCE in Frankfurt
Speech by Volker Katschinski about “Mehr Erlebnis pro Quadratmeter”


07.11.2018 Lecture Hochschule Düsseldorf
Speech by Nicole Srock.Stanley about Shopping Experience

08.11.18 DPV-Herbsttagungen
Speech by Anna Buttkus about the Panda Garden at Zoo Berlin  

13.11.18  Laboratory of Elementary Architecture and Studies of Types in Lausanne
Speech by Kieran Stanley about Zoo Evolution and the role of Design 

14.11.2018 MAPIC in Cannes
Panel discussion with Karen Klessinger about Sharing economy, new usages…: How landlords & retailers should keep up!

14.11.2018 TEAMAPIC in Cannes 
Panel discussion with Nicole Srock.Stanley on Leisure & Retail

14.11.2018 Experience Journey Mercedes-Benz Brand Space in Stuttgart
Experience Journey with Mathias Schröer, Daimler AG, Prof. Marcus Fischer, Thorsten Kadel, Nicole Gietz-Haslinger about Internal Branding & New Work

14.11.2018 AIT ArchitekturSalonMaterialtest
Speech by Volker Katschinski on Surfaces

15.11.2018 15. Deutscher Marken- und Designkongress in Stuttgart
Speech by Thorsten Kadel and Mathias Schröer, Mercedes-Benz, about the Mercedes-Benz Brand Space


04.-05.12.2018 15. Jahreskongress der Immobilien-Frauen in Berlin
Speech by Nicole Srock.Stanley about „Retail-(R)evolution  Digitalisierung, E-Commerce, Einzelhandel: Wie sieht die Zukunft des Einkaufens aus?”





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