dan Dates 2017 news

Meet the dan experts – conferences in 2017

dan pearlman and our experts participate in many different trade fairs, congresses & events all over the word this year. The speeches of our colleagues provide insights of current trends and developments as well as in the agency’s activities such as new projects and concepts. Don’t miss the chance to meet them at one of our dan Dates!


05.-09.03.2017 EuroShop in Düsseldorf
Fair presence dan pearlman and speeches by Nicole Srock.Stanley, Volker Katschinski and Marc Eisenbach
Experience Tour with Alexander Eberle and Marc Eisenbach

21.03.2017 „Lust 4 Life“ / Landmarken AG in Aachen
Speech by Karen Klessinger about Destination Profiling / Destination Development

29.03.2017 EXPERIENCE JOURNEY  in the Lufthansa Brand Academy in Frankfurt Seeheim
Guided tour though the Lufthansa Brand Academy and speeches by Prof. Marcus Fischer about Internal Branding  and by Thorsten Kadel about Brand Strategy

30.03.2017 #NWX17 New Work Experience Xing in Berlin
“Slow Dates” prasentations about New Work by Nicole Srock.Stanley and Karen Klessinger


05./06.04.2017 Zoo Design Conference in Wroclaw
Speeches by Kieran Stanley about Zoo Evolution and the Role of Design and Jörg Schneider about Synergies Between New and Existing Structures – Ways to Achieve Green Enrichment Benefits for Animals, Plants and People

05./06.04.2017 Packaging Innovations Congress in Berlin
Fair presence dan pearlman, panel with Nicole Srock.Stanley and Design Thinking Workshop with Oliver Perzborn and Tilman Dachselt

27.04.2017 European Shopping Center Symposium in Vienna
Speech by Nicole Srock.Stanley about Shopping Experience / Destination Development


04.05.2017 SingularityU Germany Summit
Deep-Dive Session about Exponential Manufacturing – how to prepare with Nicole Srock.Stanley

09./10.05.2017 Deutsches Shopping Center Forum in Bonn
Speech by Marc Eisenbach über Destination Profiling / Destination Development

22.05.2017 IHK Berlin
Speech by Tilman Dachselt about Online & Offlinetrade

29.05.2017 Salon Mondaine #16 for Female Empowerment & Leadership in Berlin
Panel discussion with Nicole Srock Stanley about Balance in Business

31.05.2017 aspern Seestadt Vienna Networkmeeting in Vienna
Speech by Nicole Srock.Stanley about Destination Development


11.07.2017 DIHK Congress in Berlin
Speech by Nicole Srock.Stanley the BID’s concept for the City West


04.09.2017 International Biennial Conference am Institute of Place Management in Manchester
Nicole Srock Stanley named Senior Fellow of the Institute / Speech about Destination Development

08.09.2017 Nachtschicht – Berlin Design Night 2017
Open house night, dan lectures & guided experience tours at dan pearlman

26. – 28.09.2017 EAS in Berlin
Panel discussion with Kieran Stanley, CEO dan pearlman Experience Architecture & Dr. Andreas Knieriem, Director of Zoo Berlin, at EAS in Berlin (engl.)
TEA Mixer: Guided tour through PANDA GARDEN at Zoo Berlin (engl.)
Tickets are available here

28.09.2017 Experience Tour “Retail” at Mister Spex et al. in Berlin 
Experience Tour to Retail Hot Spots in Berlin | Cooperation with POPAI and Zukunft des Einkaufens


5.10.2017 EVN Group Days in Maria Enzersdorf, Austria
Speech by Thorsten Kadel about Internal Branding

09.-11.10.2017 Shoptalk Europe in Copenhagen
Speech by Nicole Srock.Stanley about Destination Development
Tickets are available here


9.11.2017  Forum Luxus Marke Lebensstil  of the German Brands Association in Berlin
Speech by Nicole Srock.Stanley about Destination Development

23.11.2017 IHKN-Forum “Emotionen schaffen Gäste” of the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Osnabrück
Speech by Kieran Stanley about Storybuilding
Tickets are available here.