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dan pearlman and Lufthansa grant an excluisve insight into the Lufthansa Brand Academy

Brands shape people. They are an integral part of our everyday lives, being everywhere around us day and night. Why do we choose a certain brand? And more importantly, what makes us stick to it? Customers and employees alike want to experience brands. If this succeeds, people shape brands. Especially employees play a crucial role in creating integrated brand experiences. By actively involving employees in the brand design and management and identify with the brand‘s values, companies can essentially and sustainably strengthen the brand.

How to convey brand values effectively and therefore turn employees into brand ambassador?

dan pearlman developed an answer to this question and build a Brand Academy in a Tower with a 360 degree presentation. Since  2009, this tower presentation enables Lufthansa employees to experience the traits of a strong brand: orientation and trust, competence and continuity. Therefore, Lufthansa’s 360° presentation at the Lufthansa Brand Academy’s tower contributes to the employees’ common understanding of the brand, thus, strengthening the Lufthansa brand.

For the first time, dan pearlman inivited Senior Brand Strategists and HR managers to visit the Lufthansa Brand Academy. 20 participants representing companies such as Allianz, Bayer, Commerzbank, Continental, Daimler, Deutsche Bahn, Deutsche Bank or Mastercard joined the exclusive Experience Journey on September 14th 2016 in the Brand Academy in Frankfurt-Seeheim. In an exciting guided tour the participants received an exclusive insight into the design, implementation and multiple uses of the unique Lufthansa Brand Academy.

We would like to thank all participants.

Some impressions of the event are available here.

More information about the Lufthansa Brand Academy is available here.