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What danmag is about: brand values, competency, invigorating ideas, aesthetics, attitude, spirit and passion—in a dynamic, fresh and emotional style. Spotlighted are the timeless and dynamic realms of fashion, lifestyle, design and art as well as features on people and decision-makers who discuss their business success and visions in interviews, essays and stories. danmag, the inspiring business magazine for project and customer partnerships – strengthens, supports and communicates the essence of the corporate brand. By presenting quality editorial and journalistic content, danmag adds to the wealth of insider information worth knowing.
Previously published: Business magazine danmag 01 – Fashion focus on “Fashion Retail” release date: July 2014 & Business magazine danmag 02 – Work focus on “New Working Environments” release date: November 2014. If you are interested, we will be pleased to send you an edition of the magazine. Just write an e-mail to: