MORE BRAND. LESS LABEL. spring • brand ideas

spring is the source, the origin, the idea, and the energy; It’s the beginning of marvelous relationships and stories between humans and brands. At spring brand ideas, we tell these stories with an integrated and multidisciplinary twist. Guided by a comprehensive, strategic and customer centric approach, we help brands grow sustainably. For us, this means having the courage to question the familiar, to accept new challenges and to jump in at the deep end from time to time. That’s how we create brands that defy the status quo and unfolds their strong personalities throughout all relevant media and across all channels. Thats our way of working; sustainable, tangible to all senses and driven by positivity. In short: More brand. Less label.

Brand Ideas

With a team of specialists from various creative departments and starting from the brands core, we develop ideas that extend into any dimension. From classical and digital campaign-conception to trade marketing or employer branding – we provide brand ideas for every imaginable environment.

Brand Development

At spring brand ideas, we passionately develop ideas for brands and redefine brands entirely. To achieve this, we combine our competence in brand design, brand communication, brand stories, brand relations, brand cooperation and brand innovation. In short: we turn brands into experiences and experiences into brands.

Brand Belief

Brands can’t be confined into pre-defined frames, which is why our ideas and concepts are not based upon predefined thought structures. We prefer to envision innovative ideas that look past the edge. Innovative, interdependent and bold – for dynamic, strong brands.