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Forget about disruption: the law of today is written by a power of adaptation. Cross-industrial collaborations and co-creative partnerships are the driving forces behind any success in 2020. In healthcare, this trend comes stronger following the past years of transformation towards building integrated and cross-disciplinary platforms to eliminate traditional sector boundaries.

So, why and what is Retail Health? First of all, nowadays retail is no any longer about selling products. It is about building a relationship between the brand and its customers. Starting from 2011, an emerging concept of integrated community care was launched by some major supermarkets and pharmacies in the US and Canada to address primary needs of consumers, people who seek convenient and local services. Nested clinics and health hubs attached to retails like Walmart, Walgreen or Loblaws and CVS or Rexall pharmacies have been offering basic primary and dental care, teleconsultations, wellness services as well as other preventive programs.

Migros is the only known European leading retail looking into the similar health prevention programs in Switzerland.

Now, it is time to evolve the full potentials of retail health, retail medicine and the new healthcare EXPERIENCE in Europe.

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