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At dan pearlman, we have practiced interdisciplinarity, change of perspective and transfer thinking for more than 20 years. Right now, it’s ever more important to foster unconventional ideas and try out new ways of thinking and doing.

We are convinced that those who now try to “do nothing wrong” will most likely “do nothing right”. Even though our “everything goes” attitude has to pause for now, we have to look to the future with a “manything goes” approach. How can this succeed? By applying adaptive and hybrid formats, smart and fast concepts and with a good portion of boldness and ingenuity.

Many of our clients from diverse industries are facing the same questions: How do we create experiences, fun or levity without jeopardizing safety? Or from an economic perspective: How do we secure revenue and customer loyalty despite the current regulations?

Our insights and project experiences from a diversity of industries are helpful in these unprecedented times. They allow us to filter examples of best practices in retail, zoo, urban planning, place making and beyond so that we can transfer them to other areas.

To inspire you and to foster new ways of thinking, we have collected a compilation of possible ideas and solutions. We understand our DANSPIRATIONs as encouragement and invitation to create an attractive and successful “new normal” that, in the long run, can even become a “better normal”.



Cruising along jungle tracks in a rickshaw? Feeling like a maharaja on a safari? And exploring nocturnal animals at dusk? The zoo safaris are not only an exciting experience for risk groups and elderly people that are particularly dependent on the distancing regulations. On the pre-booked tours, zoo safari guides take groups or school classes on a journey through the zoo and explain more about the animals, their habitat and way of life. Visitors experience the animals in a special way. They can ask questions and are taken on a safe and comfortable zoo journey.

TARGETGROUPS: Elderly people, risk groups, school classes, touristic groups, families

WHY NOW? Social distancing, distance regulations, admission restrictions

WHY IN THE FUTURE? Convincing offer by zoos and leisure parks for elderly people, people with kids and mobility-impaired people

ALSO INTERESTING: Collaboration possibilities for Segway, e-trains, regional rickshaw drivers or e-bike providers, trial with golf carts possible



On the meadow? Or in a shady spot? The clean and safe place for a picnic? Is there a better location than the zoo? Thanks to many green areas, zoos and leisure parks are perfect places for a relaxed picnic. The picnic baskets can be pre-ordered online and create the perfect experience for a romantic date or a birthday present for all age groups. In addition to the individual picnics, thematic picnic events can be organised within the themed worlds and outdoor enclosures, guaranteeing the required distance.

TARGETGROUPS: Couples, families, small groups – picnic baskets / everyone – themed picnics

WHY NOW? Social distancing, distance regulations, create special visiting occasions, upselling

WHY IN THE FUTURE? Interesting offer for zoos and leisure parks with themed focus or individually compiled shopping baskets as additional offer for the existing gastronomy

ALSO INTERESTING: Collaboration possibilities with local restaurants (international cuisine), street food markets or new gastronomic concepts



The zoo is already closed and the parking area is empty? So much free space in the summerly evenings? A drive-in cinema and drive-in concert are possible solutions! Including the additional revenue! No matter if open-air cinemas on the zoo parking or open-air shows inside the park, zoos and parks present a diverse cultural programs in collaboration with local cinemas and theaters. In addition, it can be streamed online or hosted as a live event.

TARGETGROUPS: From young to old

WHY NOW? Social distancing, distance regulations, create special visiting occasions, upselling, intelligent use of spaces

WHY IN THE FUTURE? Interesting offer for zoos and leisure parks with additional offers in the areas of entertainment and culture

ALSO INTERESTING: Collaboration possibilities with local partners in event management and in the entertainment sector

Find the DANSPIRATION Zoo PDF here!

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